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Scent-marketing is not simply about filling up certain space with fragrant scent, but to allow a unique and exclusive fragrance to trigger your memory within a specific space and time. This scent should also tell the brand’s philosophy and link up relationships between the brand and customers. Designing for your place of business high quality fragrances, ED. PINAUD adopts the most suitable scent to promote the value of your brand and eliminate any possible unpleasant odour.

Our team of consultants and French fragrance experts work hand-in-hand to design personalised fragrance. The team also provides professional advices based on corporate culture, business style, business strategy and target audience, etc. They help develop the most appropriate scent-marketing solutions.

MemoBranding Solutions

Feature: The use of fragrance that distinguishes the brand from the others can promote brand value and enhance reputation and customers’ impression.
Content: When building brand image, sensory stimulation are adopted to activate memory of relationship between the brand and customers. Giving customers multi-sensory stimulation will directly affect their perception of product quality and brand value. This approach brings more benefits than any other brand marketing models that only use a small hint of sensory implications. Furthermore, distinctive scent can bring about emotional reactions and allow the customers to associate it with the smell-related products and services, thus in turn supporting the company’s brand.

MemoPromo Solutions

Feature: The incorporation of scents to match the theme of a new experience and to promote products or services.
Content: Since our olfactory sense is directly connected to the part in our brain that governs memories and emotions, smell can directly affect 75% of all human emotions, and the emotions in turn directly account for our subsequent actions. In other words, incorporating the fragrance associated with product image or the desire to purchase can elevate the number of store visitors. All-in-all, it acts as a push to help expand businesses. As we cannot shut down or stop the functioning of our olfactory systems, promoting the brand through scent-marketing is therefore very effective.


MemoMarketing Solutions

Feature: The use of a particular fragrance can enhance sensory stimulation of the product or brand to the customers, and hence increasing their desire to make a purchase.
Content: The implementation of scents offers customers a more pleasant shopping experience, allowing them to extend their shopping time and lift the rate of customer visits. Product assessment often depends on two attitudes of the customers: emotion and cognition. As emotions are easily affected by aroma, fragrance plays a key role in emotions control. It is somehow easier for customers to generate active and positive emotions when they are placed in a pleasantly fragranced environment, and they are more likely to have a positive evaluation of the product or experience.

Memospace Solutions

Feature: Improve indoor air quality and establish a complete spatial design.
Content: Our professional perfumers formulate high-quality fragrances for your place of business according to your décor and sectors/industry, and select the most appropriate scent for you to promote the value of your brand and eliminate any possible unpleasant odour or smoke. The commonly fragranced venues include restaurants, nightclubs, video games centers and casinos, etc. Instead of simply filling up certain space with scents, we establish a high-quality ambience for the entire space.