Hotel Industry

For travelers, hotels and resorts are rest-stops for rejuvenating. Starting from the moment when travelers walk into the hotel, they expect to be welcomed and be cared for. This is particularly true in five-star luxury hotels: in addition to giving customers the perfect “hardware” (facilities) and “software” (services), they are also required to provide customers with outstanding accommodation experience and feelings. Establishing a distinguished ambience with fragrance to greet customers can highlight the hotel’s brand image and its prestigious status. At the same time it also arouses customers’ memories concerning the services they received in the hotel. Once the guests are accustomed to the luxurious environment and professional services within the hotel, they will expect to feel the same level of comfort and pleasure next time they check in.

Scent-marketing Solutions

  • In order to maintain customers’ feeling of pleasure, a savvy hotel manager should design a unique décor style that offers the guests a feel-like-home atmosphere. Imagine it! How to create an impression in customers’ minds so that even after they have checked out of the hotel, they would still have throbbing hearts for a long time? The answer is fragrance! Exclusive fragrance can promote your brand value and improve the overall indoor environment. It also helps the hotel industry and its resorts to establish a strong bond with the customers.


  • Increase rendering power of the brand: The fragrances designed by MEMOSCENT will match with your brand image, so that customers can immediately remember your brand by the fragrant scent.
  • Promote value of hotel services: Research data showed that fragrance enables customers to fall in love with your hotel, and generates an expectation to staying there again or to have a longer stay.
  • Establish emotional connection with customers: The refreshing fragrances of MEMOSCENT can enhance the level of comfort for customers in the hotel through the olfactory sense, and let your staff and guests to establish friendly relationships.


AIRTEC ™ 1500H Fragrances

Hôtel 611

Overall theme: Floral-base fragrance
Top notes: Pear, Natural grassy aroma
Middle notes: Roses, Freesia, Jasmine, Iris, Blackcurrant
Base notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Amber

Aroma: Iris contains flower nectar and a touch of elegant floral aroma, coupled with a hint of fruitiness.
Overall description: Can calm and sooth emotions, improve discomfort or eye fatigue caused by insomnia and lack of sleep.

Hôtel 607

Overall theme: Floral-base Fragrance
Top notes: Lemon Fennel
Middle notes: Jasmine fragrance, Rose petals
Base notes: Musk, Amber

Aroma: Mild, fine and refreshing. Somewhat similar to the aroma of orange and lemon with a bit of floral scent.
Overall description: Strong and uplifting, refreshing and relaxing.

Hôtel 609

Overall theme: Floral-base Fragrance
Top notes: Rose petals
Middle notes: Red rose, Palmarosa, Violet
Base notes: Rosewood, Musk, Raspberry

Aroma: Sweet and subtle. A delicate floral scent.
Overall description: Effective in soothing emotions, boosting mood, and relieving nervous tension and stress. It is obviously an extremely feminine oil, enabling women to generate active and positive feelings.

AIRTEC ™ 2000F Fragrances

Hôtel 826

Overall theme: Wood-base fragrance
Top notes: Lemon
Middle notes: Aroma of Lotus
Base notes: Cedar, White Musk

Aroma: Aromatic scent, natural fragrance.
Overall description: It is a natural air fragrance that can purify air and improve air quality.

Hôtel 804

Overall theme: Wood-base fragrance
Top notes: Rosin, Juniper berries
Middle notes: Larch, Lavender
Base notes: Cedar, Sandalwood

Aroma: Smell sweet, but with a strong wood texture.
Overall description: Appease your heart, offering emotional stability.

Hôtel 821

Overall theme: Herb-base fragrances
Top notes: Lemon
Middle notes: Green tea, Jasmine
Base notes: Musk

Aroma: Mild aroma of tea.
Overall description: Fresh, elegant and refreshing.