Office Complexes

Happy employees are the most efficient workers and they play important roles in their respective workplaces. Every day, office workers working in office buildings have to face heavy workload and fierce competition from outside, virtually being put under great pressure, resulting in lower work efficiency. A leader should implement the use of fragrance to relieve such pressure on the employees, so that they can always stay alert and sharp. This not only can increase the staff’s loyalty to the corporate brand, but also give visitors a brand new corporate image.

Scent-marketing Solutions

  • As a leader you must be clear that it is important to provide a pollution-free and odourless air quality for the sake of health, safety and well-being of the employees. A study has shown that a fragrant work environment helps improve self-efficiency. Experiments also showed that when employees are working in an environment with elegant fragrance, the rate of typing errors can be significantly reduced. Also, while working in an environment with refreshing fragrance, typing speed and accuracy are greatly improved. Therefore, the implementation of scent-marketing programmes in business office environment can help reduce odour problems, increase feeling of pleasure, enhance efficiency and reduce stress.


  • Promote corporate image.Based on the needs of individual office building, MEMOSCENT designs different kinds of fragrances to meet specific corporate images, so that employees and visitors can immediately associate to the brand as soon as the aroma comes to their noses. This is a way to promote corporate image.
  • Enhance work efficiency.Experiments and studies have shown that the use of relaxing fragrances during work breaks can relieve tension and improve work efficiency.
  • Establish active and positive environment.The use of fragrance can establish an active and positive work ambience and improve work efficiency and performance standards. It can also eliminate unpleasant odours and hinder the spreading of germs and bacteria in the air.


AIRTEC ™ 1500H Fragrances

Le bureau 604

Overall theme: Wood-base fragrance
Top notes: Sandalwood
Middle notes: Cedar, Sandalwood
Base notes: Amber, Musk

Aroma: A sweet scent, but with a strong and rich wood texture.
Overall description: Appease your mind and bring emotional stability.

Le bureau 606

Overall theme: Herb-base fragrances
Top notes: Cubeba, Olive, Bergamot
Middle notes: Citronella, Jasmine
Base notes: Verbena

Aroma: Pure and sweet aroma of citronella essential oil, with a hint of lemon scent.
Overall description: Citronella oil helps freshen up your mind. It has a good recuperating and nourishing effect to the human body.

Le bureau 603

Overall theme: Herb-base fragrances
Top notes: Eucalyptus
Middle notes: Peach, Anise, Apple, Mint
Base notes: Woody notes, Musk, Vanilla

Aroma: A slightly revitalizing aroma, pure and fresh. Can be used to spice up repressing emotions.
Overall description: Mint-like coolness, refreshing and comforting. It is a clear and calming scent with exceptional penetrating power, coupled with a touch of mild and bitter woody fragrance.

AIRTEC ™ 2000F Fragrances

Le bureau 813

Overall theme: Herb-base fragrances
Top notes: Lemon
Middle notes: Fruity notes, Peach
Base notes: Verbena

Aroma: The aroma of sweet lemon
Overall description: This calming scent can relieve stress and relax the mind.

Le bureau 805

Overall theme: Floral-base fragrance
Top notes: Lavender
Middle notes: Rose, Rosin, Fennel
Base notes: Musk, Lavender

Aroma: Mild and clear floral aroma with a light scent of fragrant wood.
Overall description: Stablise emotions, revitalise your mind and eliminate frustration. Lavender can be used at work during the day. It will not bring any impact of making you too relaxed. Instead, it brings to you a calming and balancing effect, offering a stable and efficient work mood. It works best for people with impatient temper or mood swing.

Le bureau 816

Overall theme: Wood-base fragrance
Top notes: Lemon
Middle notes: Sage, Lavender, Jasmine
Base notes: Rosewood, Amber, Musk

Aroma: A mild aroma of grass.
Overall description: Stablise emotions and soothe your mind.