Retail Industry

It is particularly important to provide customers with quality services if you want to become a leader in retail trade industry. Customer satisfaction must be achieved through real-life shopping experiences. Therefore, the décor, merchandise display and overall layout in the store have to be arranged in a way that makes the products look appealing. The colour and style of the decoration have to match with the interior lighting and background music, giving a feeling of appropriateness and harmony. This is the key to getting customers’ acceptance and appreciation. Now, please think again: Other than the methods mentioned above, how do you promote your brand by improving consumers’ sensory experience? How do you leave customers a good impression so that even the store is closed they are going to miss your brand? The answer is fragrance! Fragrance can turn all of these into reality, turning your store into an impressive shopping paradise.

Scent-marketing Solutions:

  • The specially-formulated fragrance designed by MEMOSCENT can establish for your retail store a unique shopping experience. It helps you grasp the essence of your brand, quickly and efficiently expanding target market and attract more potential customers to the store. Shopping malls are starting to implement scent-marketing strategies as well. With the use of fragrant scent, customers are staying for a longer period of time to browse through merchandises. It also increases the number of visitors and extends their shopping time. Scent-marketing helps shopping malls or retailers enhance brand competitiveness!


  • Promote customers’ awareness of the brand: Studies have shown that our olfactory system has a memory capacity 100 times more powerful than that of other sensory systems. Fragrance not only enhances customers’ memory recognition to the brand, but also promotes brand loyalty so that customers will spend more time checking out merchandises. Bringing memorable shopping experiences to customers is the key to arouse customers’ interest and boost the number of visitors.


AIRTEC ™ 1500H Fragrance

La boutique 618

Overall theme: Floral-base Fragrance
Top notes: Orange, Anise
Middle notes: Cloves, Cinnamon, Ylang, Neroli (Orange blossom)
Base notes: Coriander, Cedar, Bell orchid

Aroma: Aromatic, mild and sweet, with a hint of pure and sweet scent.
Overall description: Can relax the mind, leaving you a feeling of pleasure.

La boutique 615

Overall theme: Resin-base Fragrances
Top notes: Tonka beans, Fig wood
Middle notes: Sandalwood, Jasmine
Base notes: Cedar, Musk

Aroma: Mild and elegant scent
Overall description: The elegant aroma can relieve repressed mood, boost morale and self-confidence.

La boutique 607

Overall theme: Floral-base Fragrance
Top notes: Lemon Fennel
Middle notes: Jasmine fragrance, Rose petals
Base notes: Musk, Amber

Aroma: Mild, fine and refreshing. Somewhat similar to the aroma of orange and lemon with a bit of floral scent.
Overall description: Strong and uplifting, refreshing and relaxing.

AIRTEC ™ 2000F Fragrances

La boutique 821

Overall theme: Herb-base fragrances
Top notes: Lemon
Middle notes: Green tea, Jasmine
Base notes: Musk

Aroma: Mild aroma of tea.
Overall description: Fresh, elegant and refreshing.

La boutique 817

Overall theme: Floral-base Fragrance
Top notes: Hawthorn, Blackcurrant
Middle notes: Rose, Jasmine, Violet
Base notes: Fragrant wood, Vanilla, White Musk

Aroma: Mild and sweet, with a wood-like vibe.
Overall description: Soothe your emotions, leaving you a stable and peaceful feeling.

La boutique 807

Overall theme: Floral-base Fragrance
Top notes: Sage, Lemon, Rosewood
Middle notes: Nutmeg, Thyme, Cloves
Base notes: Cedar, Sandalwood、White Musk

Aroma: Mild, fine and refreshing. Somewhat similar to the aroma of orange and lemon with a bit of floral scent.
Overall description: Strong and uplifting, refreshing and relaxing.