Car Showrooms

Both car dealers and auto manufacturers are trying their best to consolidate the market and promote customers’ acceptance. A moderate use of fragrance not only eliminates all possible kinds of unpleasant odour in the air, but also integrates with the ambience of the exhibition venue, and gives customers a good impression on the environment, hence highlighting the exquisite and stylish designs of the automobile brand.

Scent-marketing Solutions:

  • Implementing scent-marketing practices to explore new marketing strategies and using fresh aroma in the showroom helps create a sense of broadness and spaciousness. It enhances customers’ real-life experience and improves their emotions. It also helps elaborate brand value, while at the same time providing consumers with a kind of new and caring experience. All-in-all, this strategy highlights to your customers the fact that your automobile brand is highly committed to the pursuit of quality, as well as stylish designs and innovative features for top RV.


  • Promote brand value:The use of fragrances can create a unique ambience and give customers a long-lasting and deep emotional impact.
  • Enhance service quality: Using refreshing fragrances can make customers feel relaxed and comfortable. Such wonderful experience encourages them to spend more time in the exhibition hall to browse through and experience the features inside the cars.
  • Establish emotional connection with customers:Fragrances can affect customers’ mood and emotional awareness, thus can be used by corporates as a tool to cultivate a good relationship with customers. It promotes brand loyalty while at the same the customers can enjoy the best service from your brand.


AIRTEC ™ 1500H Fragrances

La voiture 601

Overall theme: Fruity-base Fragrance
Top notes: Natural grassy aroma, mint
Middle notes: Green tea aroma, apple aroma
Base notes: Vanilla, scent of fermented cherries

Aroma: Featuring minty freshness with a sweet fruitiness.
Overall description: With refreshing and uplifting effects.

La voiture 612

Overall theme: Herb-base fragrances
Top notes: Orange, Eucalyptus, Apple aroma
Middle notes: Rosemary, Thyme, Fresh apple aroma
Base notes: Cedar, Camphor wood

Aroma: Intense, revitalizing, penetrating, and fresh herbal fragrance
Overall description: Refreshing and make you stay focus, it is the most direct stimulus of rosemary. For creative workers, it provides the best work environment which stimulates creativity and inspiration.

La voiture 615

Overall theme: Resin-base Fragrances
Top notes: Tonka beans, Fig wood
Middle notes: Sandalwood, Jasmine
Base notes: Cedar, Musk

Aroma: Mild and elegant scent
Overall description: The elegant aroma can relieve repressed mood, boost morale and self-confidence.

AIRTEC ™  2000F Fragrances

La voiture 825

Overall theme: Wood-base Fragrance
Top notes: Lavender, Rosemary
Middle notes: Geranium, Fougere
Base notes: Cedar, Fragrance, Natural resin aroma

Aroma: Featuring a resin aroma with a touch of turpentine smell, similar to sandalwood.
Overall description: Effective in treating insomnia, giving you good sleep. It is also bactericidal and anti-acne; and helps reduce secretion of scalp oil.

La voiture 804

Overall theme: Wood-base Fragrance
Top notes: Rosin, Juniper berries
Middle notes: Larch, Lavender
Base notes: Cedar, Sandalwood

Aroma: Featuring a sweet scent, but with a strong and rich wood texture.
Overall description: Appease your mind and offer emotional stability

La voiture 807

Overall theme: Floral-base Fragrance
Top notes: Sage, Lemon, Rosewood
Middle notes: Nutmeg, Thyme, Cloves
Base notes: Cedar, Sandalwood、White Musk

Aroma: Mild, fine and refreshing. Somewhat similar to the aroma of orange and lemon with a bit of floral scent.
Overall description: Strong and uplifting, refreshing and relaxing.