Transportation Terminals

As early as in 1959, France has started to use fragrance in subway. They spread the scent of carnation inside the trains to improve the level of comfort and happiness of the passengers. In fact, fragrance has been widely used in different international business fields. It is an important marketing tool to show that the company values each individual customer and their awareness of the brand/product. Do you want to establish a relaxing and comfortable environment for anxious travelers? Or do you want to provide a cleaner, more hygienic, comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for passengers? The answer is fragrance, it is the best way.

Scent-marketing Solutions

  • In many international business fields, it has become very popular to adopt the use of fragrance as an important constituent of branding strategy. Therefore, scent is acting as an important bridge to maintain the relationship between customers and your brand, giving your brand a competitive advantage with a sense of innovation. Carnival Cruise Lines has also implemented the use of scent to provide a unique experience for travelers, that is the reason why the Carnival Cruise Lines brand can remain in the memory of tourists for such a long time. MEMOSCENT always carefully selects for you a unique fragrance designed to promote your brand awareness, and to provide customers with a special experience.


  • Relieve tension and anxiety: Fragrances can help travelers relieve tension, anxiety and stress, so to make the whole journey enjoyable.
  • Establish an ambience of luxury: Incorporating fragrance experience in some special venues (such as lounges) allows passengers to give a higher rating to the travel experience.
  • High-quality environment and comfort: The fine fragrance extracted from plants can enhance the quality of the environment and offer a more comfortable ride for passengers.


AIRTEC ™ 1500H Fragrances

Aérogare 604

Overall theme: Wood-base fragrance
Top notes: Sandalwood
Middle notes: Cedar, Sandalwood
Base notes: Amber, Musk

Aroma: A sweet scent, but with a strong and rich wood texture.
Overall description: Appease your mind and bring emotional stability.

Aérogare 608

Overall theme: Herb-base fragrances
Top notes: Lemon
Middle notes: Mint
Base notes: Blackcurrant, Cypress

Aroma: Strong penetrating power, cooling and refreshing, with a hint of citrus sweetness.
Overall description: Mint-like coolness, refreshing and comforting. It is a clear and calming scent with exceptional penetrating power, coupled with a touch of mild and bitter woody fragrance.

Aérogare 614

Overall theme: Herb-base fragrances
Top notes: Labdanum
Middle notes: Patchouli
Base notes: Amber, Musk, Vanilla

Aroma: Strong earthy smell, coupled with a sweet pungent aroma of exotic flavour.
Overall description: Eliminate sleepiness and make you more sober up. You can calmly face the problem with a more objective perspective.

AIRTEC ™ 2000F Fragrances

Aérogare 825

Overall theme: Wood-base fragrance
Top notes: Lavender, Rosemary
Middle notes: Geranium
Base notes: Cedar, Incense, Resin-base

Aroma: Resin aroma with a touch of turpentine smell, also similar to sandalwood.
Overall description: Anti-insomnia, giving you good sleep; bactericidal and anti-acne; reduce scalp oil.

Aérogare 816

Overall theme: Wood-base fragrance
Top notes: Lemon
Middle notes: Sage, Lavender, Jasmine
Base notes: Rosewood, Amber, Musk

Aroma: A mild aroma of grass.
Overall description: Stablise emotions and soothe your mind.

Aérogare 826

Overall theme: Wood-base fragrance
Top notes: Lemon
Middle notes: Aroma of Lotus
Base notes: Cedar, White Musk

Aroma: Aromatic scent, natural fragrance.
Overall description: It is a natural air fragrance that can purify air and improve air quality.