AIRTEC™ Micron Atomization Technology

Since 1830, ED. PINAUD’s professional fragrances have been receiving international recognition both in terms of safety and efficacy. ED. PINAUD is specialised in offering fragrance oil with distinct features after extensive indoor air quality researches. They offer products which combine exquisite scent and professional AIRTEC™ fragrance diffusion technology for enterprises to use as marketing tools. From fragrance design to customisation and planning, it is indeed a professional air management service.

Our advanced AIRTEC™ Micron Atomization Technology allows fragrance to reach an optimum state of atomised mist and ensures the aroma can be completely released as a whole. This technology brings to customers an unprecedented breakthrough in the field of scent-marketing. The fragrance in the air (in the form of dry mist) does not touch our skin nor cause any allergic reactions. The atomised fragrance will be suspended in the air with other air particles without precipitating or becoming residual in the air-conditioning system.

  • Adopt reverse reaction technology to eliminate odours and improve ambience.
  • Most advanced degree of fragrance diffusion and time settings.
  • AIRTEC™ micron atomisation technology ensures completeness of the fragrance.
  • Fragrance molecules or particles do not remain (latest micron technology).
  • Adjustable diffusion saturation for fragrance.
  • AIRTEC™ micron atomisation technology ensures fragrance concentration to stay below allergy threshold level.