MEMOSCENT™ is also committed to study how business activities affect the environment and ecosystem as a whole.


Carbon Reduction

 MEMOSCENT™ is also committed to study how business activities affect the environment and ecosystem as a whole. The team believes adequate measures should be taken to protect our Planet Earth. This is considered the highest principle for all commercial activities.
The amount of energy consumed by MEMOSCENT™’s scent device is approximately equivalent to that of an ordinary household light bulb. This is already enough to spread the fragrance to a much wider area. Therefore, customers can achieve the goal of carbon reduction while using MEMOSCENT™’s fragrances.


100% Recyclable “Green” Packaging

In order to incorporate the concept of environmental protection, MEMOSCENT™ adopts the use of 100% recyclable PET and aluminum materials for producing essential oil bottles, alleviating the additional burden caused to our Planet Earth by excessive product packaging.

What is PET material?

PET refers to a kind of recyclable environmental-friendly materials called polyethylene terephthalate. They are primarily obtained from crushing recycled PET bottles into flakes, followed by heating and melting processes before re-manufacturing. The green material used by MEMOSCENT™ is more environmentally friendly!


VOC Aromatherapy Compliance

MEMOSCENT™  essential oil are manufactured in compliance to VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Regulations. Fragrance products without or with low VOC are better than the common or conventional aromatherapy products.

Compliance with ECOCERT Certification

The French fragrances from ED.PINAUD adopted by MEMOSCENT™ are made with natural scent oils complying with Ecocert’s stringent requirements for organic crops. Ecocert is the world’s largest certified organic farming unit, recognized by the Bureau of Agriculture of the French Ministry of Economic Affairs, a certified independent organic crops investigation agency.