360-degree  sensory communication

empowering marketing and promotion of the brand

We primarily rely on the perception of our five senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch) to construct our own picture of what the world really is. If we are able to make the best use of these five sensory stimulations to establish brand images, we can provide all-round products or services to customers.

In order to establish a remarkable branding, many companies today choose to adopt a comprehensive approach mixing visual and auditory stimulations in their advertisements, bringing forward a super effect of “2 + 2 = 5”. Since advertisements are mostly broadcasted through mass media, very often only two out of the total five senses are incorporated (visual and auditory) while the remaining of them not being properly utilized. If reactions can be triggered by using the other senses (such as smell, taste and touch), this can definitely promote the overall image of the brand.

Once we have successfully incorporated all of the five senses, customers can truly understand the brand in an all-round manner instead of merely knowing about the surface from general brand advertising. After being able to more concretely feel and enjoy the brand little by little, customers gradually establish a perfect impression on the brand, empowering your brand with more amazing impacts!

In a 360-degree all-round sensory experience, all the memories and emotions stored in the brain will be fully unfolded as soon as certain senses are triggered, causing a domino effect to take place. This is especially evident for marketing approaches involving the use of fragrances as it can promote brand value and popularity, improve consumers’ impression of the brand, and finally lead to the purpose of boosting consumer purchase.

Meanwhile, this also contributes to the added value of the products or services. For example, the exclusive fragrance used for brand recognition can be packaged as a self-contained product. Such approach further promotes brand popularity and opens up new sources of revenue.