Open Space

A wide variety of different fragrance diffusion devices are offered for different industries with areas of different sizes.

Being able to evenly distribute fragrance in the target indoor space, our AIRTEC™ fragrance diffusion device series is also entirely adjustable in terms of time or other special needs.

Enjoying a high degree of accuracy, AIRTEC™ fragrance diffusion device can be easily adapted to a wide variety of environmental conditions and areas with different sizes.


AIRTEC 2500P For Open Space

AIRTEC 2500P With the assistance of by far the most internationally advanced technology, AIRTEC™ micron atomisation technology, AIRTEC 2500P is ideal for large commercial area. Compared to traditional product models, this device has an effective spray volume increased by more than 90%, significantly saving the use of essential oils.

The atomizer can produce the desired particle suspension rate, enhance oil transfer performance, and increase the duration of stay in the air. Moreover, the device releases a well-balanced scent with its fully smart programming design. Through settings control, users can adjust the scent concentration to fit customers’ needs.


AIRTEC 2500P with the assistance of advanced micron atomisation technology, AIRTEC 2500P is ideal for open space area. Compared to traditional product models, this device has an effective spray volume increased by more than 90%, significantly saving oil consumption. Although this device is fully automatic, users are able to pre-set the length of time, scent concentration and diffusion frequency in the digital settings to fit specific types of venues. Through periodic smart setting, users can also repeat the atomisation process within a set time. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of fragrances based on different themes or different kinds of promotional activities, making sure it goes well with the type of sales promotional activities. With the help of this device, customers can enjoy a unique shopping experience.


Model: AIRTEC 2500P
Suitable area type: open space
Oil consumption: 6-7ML /hour (continuous atomisation)
Model features: Digital Display
Body colour: Champagne Gold
Dimensions: 260*160*435mm
Rated voltage: 220V
Power: 100W
Noise: <25dba
Weight: 6.9Kg (without oil)
Oil bottle capacity: 500ML


• Adjustable cycle time
• Adjustable concentration settings
• Easy removal of fragrance bottle
• Over 100 types of ED. PINAUD’s exclusive fragrance oils
• Seasonal and themed exclusive fragrances
• Equipment can be hidden (without affecting the layout of the venue)






AIRTEC™ fragrance diffusion equipment has been designed to be ultra-quiet, and does not make any noise to the surrounding environment.

Essential Oil imported from France

Being the only brand in the industry to adopt top fragrance oils imported from France, we offer imported fragrance oils from a French label that has a prestigious history of 185 years, showering you with more than 100 different kinds of scent choices.

Oil-efficient and Lower Costs

The AIRTEC™ technology is designed to atomise oil into micron particles. Only a small amount of essential oil is needed to cover a much larger area, saving up to 60% of the oils.

Automatic Micro-computer

The fragrant diffusion device can be set to adjust the auto on/off time, atomisation frequency and work hours required to best fit the working environment.

Recommended Application to:

Large indoor and outdoor activities, promotional activities for merchandises, concerts, product launches, and other large-scale hotel lobby areas.


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