MEMOSCENT™  Solutions

Scent-marketing strategies in 10 major industries

Scent-marketing is implemented to act as a bridge between your brand and customers, creating an exclusive and pleasant marketing solution based on the use of fragrances; and breaking the sensory limitations of only using hearing and visual means. The unique aroma can awaken customers’ memories of your brand, establishing an ideal and strong bond between your brand and the huge customer base.

MEMOSCENT™ team takes into account the founding story of your brand, market positioning, product characteristics as well as popularity among customers when designing the most appropriate fragrance for your brand. This not only can enhance brand favorability and strengthen customers’ loyalty, as well it creates a pleasant, comfortable and satisfying atmosphere.

Three advantages of scent-marketing

1. Further enhance brand value and promote corporate image.

2. Improve customers’ satisfaction and employees’ productivity.

3. Improve atmosphere and create positive environment.