Woody-base Fragrance

Wood-base fragrance usually appears in the middle or end part of a perfume due to its long-lasting characteristic. Classic wood-base fragrance usually involves cedar, patchouli, pine, sandalwood, vetiver and other spices. These wood-base fragrances feature a warm and dry scent.

Aromatic plants (sage, rosemary, dill, etc.) and citrus spices are usually added to wood-base fragrances to give a kind of exotic atmosphere. Headspace extraction technology has given traditional wood-base fragrances more room for creativity.


Larch is a kind of deciduous tree. Its leaves are linear and soft, scattered on long branches and clustered on short branches. It is monoecious with cones growing on short branches. When the cones reach maturity, they turn upright with winged seeds. The wood from larch is solid and durable, best for construction, making poles and sleepers, etc. The bark can be used to make plastic. It is also a kind of ornamental trees.

Country of origin: Siberia

Extraction method: Steam Distillation

Extraction parts: Wood



The scent from its wood can soothe and relieve repressed feelings and calm frustration. It can be used to make furniture and crafts; as well as to extract fragrance essence and make traditional Chinese medicine. The strong scent of sandalwood is irritating, so the incense industry often stores the wood for years to get rid of the smell, followed by the milling process to make a powder called ‘old mountain’ powder, while the powder made from new sandalwood is called ‘new mountain’ powder. Another argument is that the sandalwood produced in the old areas of India is called ‘old mountain’ sandalwood; while those produced in Australia, Southeast Asia, Eastern Canada and other places are called ‘new mountain’ sandalwood. However, many stores just add some sandalwood powder to ordinary wood flour to make so-called ‘sandalwood’. In fact, it just has the smell of sandalwood. Sandalwood oil is a kind of bactericide and regenerative agent. It can also restore calm and emotional stability.

Country of origin:New Caledonia

Extraction parts: Wood