Actively establishing strategic partnership alliance in the global markets, transforming MEMOSCENT™ into a leading brand offering scent-diffusion systems.

Operational Strategy

Whether in technological research and development, or production and customer service, MEMOSCENT™ continues to strive for innovation and ground-breaking ideas with a stable competitive advantage. With an ambitious international outlook, the company aims at setting up base offices in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, the United States, Canada and some other regions. Actively establishing strategic partnership alliance in the global markets, the team aims at transforming MEMOSCENT™ into a comprehensive and mature leading brand offering scent-diffusion systems.

Competitive Advantage

Furthermore, MEMOSCENT™ enjoys the assistance of Ed. Pinaud’s professional essential oils team, production lines for electronic goods, experienced and advanced technology center, high-quality consultants and service teams, as well as international scent-marketing expert team Memoscent. From research & development, design and manufacturing to sales, installation, repair and maintenance, MEMOSCENT™ provides high-quality comprehensive and professional products and services, tailor-made for customers coupled with the most appropriate scent-marketing solutions.


MEMOSCENT™ The use of fragrance that distinguishes the brand from the others can promote brand value and enhance reputation and customers’ impression.

MEMOPROMO™ Solutions

The incorporation of scents to match the theme of a new experience and to promote products or services


The use of a particular fragrance can enhance sensory stimulation of the product or brand to the customers, and hence increasing their desire to make a purchase.


Improve indoor air quality and establish a complete spatial design.